Financing a fourth industrial revolution through an ESVCLP for automation technologies that will have global impact


Automation technologies include integrated software, hardware and systems that encompass the harnessing of real-time information, through pervasive technologies, for insight, prediction, planning and decision support in every sector.

Digital Society
Privacy and Cyber Security
Intelligent Enterprise Systems
Edge Computing, Systems and Robotics
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and Pervasive Devices


Imerj is a venture of Strategy61 to deliver

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Strategy61 is a boutique consultancy firm that delivers growth strategy, value creation and deal structures for established or mid-market businesses seeking to gain impact from high-technology, high-growth, transformational business models. Strategy61 supports businesses who are challenged by the demands of a fast moving and highly competitive global economy which is heightening the focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation as the essential component for growth, competitiveness and success.



Dr Bill Petreski Chief Executive Officer

Hugh Sheppard Investment Associate


Our approach

The investment framework, comprising four levers, will propel a supply-demand arbitrage that challenges the conventional venture capital approach.


Pinpoint opportunities in automation technologies, platforms and business models that will underpin the fourth industrial revolution in fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, and impacting all disciplines, economies and industries.


Originate investments in emerging high-growth and hyper-growth business models that have a complementarity in users, customers, devices, and interactions that can scale to meet the opportunities.


Make investments across Start-up, Early Growth and Rapid Expansion classes and strategically position individual investments for growth, the right follow-on capital and exit pathways.


Implement a unique portfolio approach that selects and manages investments to exploit their potential and realise investor returns under best practice governance.